Q: What is the best way to contact you?

A: I can be reached by email rusty@tattlogic.com and I respond to every email within 24 hours. 

Q: Do you accept walk-ins?

A: Due to the pandemic, all my business is by appointment only. Once the regulations change, I will be able to adjust my walk in policy.

Q: What is your cancellation/rescheduling policy?

A: Please let me know at least 5 days in advance if you need to reschedule for any reason. Appointments can be difficult to fill last second which is why I ask for multiple days notice. I prepare ahead of every appointment and schedule time for each individual, so please do your best to show up on time for the scheduled appointment. Cancellations will result in a forfeited deposit unless a replacement appointment can be found. 


Q: How much will my tattoo cost?

A: The price of a tattoo varies from piece to piece. Qualities that determine the price are level of detail, time it takes to do the work, and the over all complexity of the piece. My current rate is 200/hr.

Q: Is there a fee for designing my tattoo?

A: Yes there is. The design fee will vary from piece to piece and my rate for designing is 20/hr. Your design is guaranteed and original.

Q: Can I make adjustments to my design?

A: Absolutely! I want to be sure you get the exact piece you are looking for, so revisions are welcomed. 

Q: How many revisions can I make?

A: You can make up to 3 revisions (Changes that take longer than 30 minutes to make) After that, or if the design starts to completely change from what we initially discussed, it may cost more. 

Q: Do I need to leave a deposit to reserve an appointment?

A: Yes. Every appointment requires a deposit. The current rate for deposits is $100 The deposit will be deducted from the cost of your tattoo when you come in. The reason the deposit is $100 is because that is how much I pay to occupy the space for one day. If you don't show up, I am still obligated to pay for the space which is why I collect the deposit. Deposits are nonrefundable. You are allowed to reschedule once as long as you let me know in advance (see cancellation/reschedule policy)

Q: Where are you located?

A: I tattoo in both Los Angeles and the DC area. 

Frequently Asked Questions